Microsoft ElectionGuard Verifier

Enhanced Voting is building a verifier for ElectionGuard. ElectionGuard is a revolutionary offering of advanced cryptography applied to elections and available for traditional voting system manufacturers to utilize. 

ElectionGuard is the result of decades of work and is sponsored by Microsoft research. It presents a real opportunity to innovate voting technology and make it more verifiable which is especially important as systems become more digital. One key component of ElectionGuard is the availability of publicly available verifiers which confirm its efficacy. Our implementation is available on our Github at

VVSG 2.0

Enhanced Voting contributed to the work of the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop the VVSG 2.0, a new set of voting system requirements. Our team empowered the public with the tools to contribute as well, building a website that makes proposed requirements readily accessible through search and filter, also allowing users  to make and save comments about each requirement.

Open Voting-Client Architecture

Enhanced Voting is leading research at the University of North Florida into this unique approach to voting system construction, which allows voters to choose a voting client that fits their preferences and needs, rather than being required to use a one-size-fits-all option developed by the voting system manufacturer.

End-to-End Verifiability with Fully Homomorphic Cryptography

Enhanced Voting is conducting research into the feasibility of using fully homomorphic cryptography, a type of secret sharing algorithm, to provide end-to-end verifiability (E2E) in voting systems. Early findings suggest that partially homomorphic algorithms have provided verifiability, but come with performance and other limitations. Fully homomorphic variants may offer more flexibility.