Headshot of Aaron Wilson from the neck up, smiling in a checkered shirt and black suit jacket.

Aaron Wilson, Founder and CEO

Aaron Wilson is a security engineer, software architect, and election technology expert. He has a passion for building innovative and secure election technology and founded Enhanced Voting in 2013 with that vision. 

Aaron recently served as the Senior Director of Election Security for the Center for Internet Security (CIS). At CIS, Aaron led all election security best practice development efforts including the publication of A Guide for Ensuring Security in Election Technology Procurement, Security Best Practices for Non-Voting Election Technology, and Managing Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risks in Election Technology. Aaron was also the creator of the Rapid Architecture Based Election Technology Verification (RABET-V) Process and Pilot Program. Aaron spoke at the 2020 RSA Conference on securing non-voting election technology and is often quoted in security articles on ways to improve election security.

Aaron began his career testing and conducting security evaluations of voting systems for the Florida Division of Elections. Aaron has also served as the Vice President of Products and Services for Greenshades Software and the Director of Product for Clear Ballot Group, a federally certified voting system manufacturer. In 2010, he led the deployment of the first MOVE-act compliant electronic ballot delivery systems for overseas civilians and military voters in 10 states.

Steven Musick, CTO

Steven Musick is an enterprise architect, cloud computing, and distributed systems expert who loves to solve difficult problems in computing that affect people and the world we live in.

Steven has built his career on creating innovative software solutions where compliance and security are critical for the success of the product, most recently through design and production of a full payroll engine that not only meets all federal, state, and local tax compliance requirements, but is scalable and performant without sacrificing the flexibility needed by larger organizations.

Steven has a particular interest in providing modern methods of making one’s voice heard in the midst of political division and misinformation by providing safe, secure, and reliable methods to vote that are compatible with the online and connected world that we live in.