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Our growth is driven by our commitment to enhancing the transparency and accessibility of elections, fostering greater trust and participation in the democratic process. By continuously adapting and improving our technology in response to the ever-evolving challenges of election administration, we are not just a company, but a catalyst for positive change in how elections are conducted.

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Enhanced Ballot

A state-of-the-art electronic ballot delivery solution for states and localities. It offers near-seamless integration with ballots and voters to support quick setup and deployment.

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Enhanced Results

Publicly displays election results in highly visual and interactive formats. Voters can use maps and graphs to review voter turnout and vote totals for all contests.

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Enhanced Remake

Easily remake any unreadable ballots with less effort and less mistakes. Available as an online service or offline software.

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Now Supporting Ballot Scout

Vote-by-Mail tracking transparency for voters & election administrators that harnesses the power of USPS IMB scans.

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