Seamless Aggregation

Easily import tabulation results from any source to streamline data management and aggregate results from multiple tabulation systems within a single jurisdiction for comprehensive reporting. Efficiently enter results data at the precinct/district, county and state level using data files or user-friendly fillable grids. Ensure the integrity of results with validation checks that provide data insights and discrepancy alerts.

Election Night Reporting

Display real-time election results on a custom public website using interactive maps and graphs for an engaging voter experience. Detailed vote data can be explored spanning from the state and local levels down to the precinct/district, with an intuitive search feature for quick and efficient public access to results. Voters stay in the know throughout the election with continuously updated results that automatically refresh.

Enhance Results on a smartphone

Interactive Map Display

Voters can view detailed vote data by jurisdiction such as turnout percentages and reporting status. Color density styling creates visual contrast that shows when a given jurisdiction has completed reporting, including if they are participating or not participating in a specific contest or election.

Comprehensive Reports

Access a growing library of free reports and enjoy the option for one custom report for new customers. States have the ability to consolidate results from local jurisdictions, even when using different tabulation systems, and report them at the state level.