Our team is comprised of election technology and security experts that seek to address the fundamental challenges faced by election administrators and their voter base.


Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson, Founder & President

Aaron Wilson is a security engineer, software architect, and election technology expert with almost two decades of experience in election technology and security. He is passionate about building modern and secure election technology and founded Enhanced Voting in 2013 with that vision.

Aaron most recently served as the Senior Director of Election Security for the Center for Internet Security (CIS). At CIS, Aaron led all election security best practice development efforts including the publication of A Guide for Ensuring Security in Election Technology Procurement, Security Best Practices for Non-Voting Election Technology, and Managing Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risks in Election Technology. Aaron was also the creator of the Rapid Architecture Based Election Technology Verification (RABET-V) Process and Pilot Program. Aaron presented Beyond the Ballot Box: Securing America’s Supporting Election Technology at the 2020 RSA Conference. He is a frequent presenter at national and state events on election technology, security, and accessibility and is often quoted in the media on these topics.  

Aaron began his career conducting testing and security evaluations of voting systems for the Florida Division of Elections. Aaron also served as Vice President of Products and Services for Greenshades Software and Director of Product for Clear Ballot Group. In 2010, while serving as Scytl’s Senior Project Engineer, Aaron led the deployment of the first federally compliant electronic ballot delivery system for overseas civilian and military voters in 10 states. Aaron has spoken at several conferences, including the 2020 RSA Conference, a premier IT security organization, on securing non-voting election technology. He is often quoted in security articles on ways to improve election security. 

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of North Florida. 

Steven Musick

Steven Musick, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Steven Musick is an enterprise architect, cloud computing, and distributed systems expert with over a decade of experience. He is passionate in solving complex computing problems that have a real impact on people's lives and he is committed to providing safe, secure, and reliable voting methods that are compatible with the online and connected world.

Steven previously served as a Software Architect following his Development Lead role at Greenshades Software, a Payroll and HR solutions platform. He led the architectural and technical decisions of assigned projects as the team leader. He designed and developed a comprehensive payroll engine that not only met all federal, state, and local tax compliance requirements but was also highly scalable and performant. 

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology from Florida State University.

Keir Holeman

Keir Holeman, Vice President of Election Systems

Keir Holeman is an elections professional who has over two decades of experience administering elections throughout the country. He is most interested in assisting election officials in administering efficient, fair, and transparent elections through modern technology.

Keir previously served as the Vice President of Technical Services at Clear Ballot Group, an election technology vendor. There, he spearheaded operations by aligning innovative technology with sales efforts, facilitating effective troubleshooting, and elevating customer support initiatives. His expertise in regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures allowed him to guide the company through heavy state regulations to ensure seamless technology implementations. 

Keir began his career in the public sector as Manager and Director in Ohio election offices, followed by his transition to election vendor technology. He has implemented various election technologies in vote tabulation and voter registration.

Keir holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Wright State University and received his Certified Elections and Registration Vendor (CERV) certification from the Election Center in 2015.

Matt Bernhard

Matt Bernhard, Director of Security & Special Projects

Matt Bernhard is a security expert with over a decade of experience working with election officials to provide technological solutions to their many challenges. He is committed to making elections more secure while simultaneously streamlining processes for election officials.

Matt previously served as a Software Contributor and Project Manager at VotingWorks, an open-source, risk-limiting audit software that has been used in over a dozen states. His major contributions included architecting pieces of VotingWorks’ voting system security model and managing organizational security and compliance. He wrote the first implementation of batch comparison risk-limiting audits to be used at a large scale, a project that has gone on to audit millions of ballots over the last several years. Findings from his extensive research have been integrated into poll worker manuals across the United States to encourage improved security and accessibility of ballot marking devices. 

Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Rice University and earned both his Master of Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, authoring his dissertation on election security theory and practice.

Jess Cone

Jess Cone, Director of Government Relations

Jess Cone is an experienced leader with a decade of experience in the technology and network security industry. She has significant expertise in partnering with state and local officials across the United States and is skilled in business development and management of nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about cultivating robust relationships dedicated to bridging divides, fostering dialogue, and creating collaborative networks that empower communities, ensuring that every voice is heard.

Jess previously served as program manager for the Center for Internet Security (CIS)’s Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC). In this role, Jess worked with state and local election officials nationwide to provide them access to CIS’ elections-focused cyber defense solutions suite and tools for implementing security best practices. Jess was integral to the nationwide launch of the EI- ISAC in 2018 and has led many election security initiatives, including the roll-out of the intrusion detection and response programs. As a cybersecurity public speaker, she engaged audiences by expounding digital threats and empowering them with strategies to bolster their cyber defenses. While at the EI-ISAC, she published Election Security Spotlights: resources for election officials to improve their security posture. 

Jess holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Niagara University and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany. Additionally, Jess holds two Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC) in Security Leadership and Information Security Fundamentals. 

Paul Ray

Paul Ray, Director of Operations

Paul Ray has over a decade of experience as a leader in the financial, operational and client support fields. He has a passion for exceeding the level of service he provides clients.

In his role with Enhanced Voting, Paul has been involved with clients in each of the states we serve. He has become the primary implementation lead with our new clients, utilizing gap analysis to ensure each client’s needs and requirements are met. Paul leads our Client Support team, ensuring all elections are monitored and supported in over 800 state and local jurisdictions. 

 In 2022, Paul was the hardware engineer in the concept, development, and launch of Enhanced Remake. He continued to lead the support and implementation of this product for new clients. 

Paul holds a Master of Business Administration for Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science (Finance and Real Estate) from Florida State University. 

Britt Reynolds

Britt Reynolds, Director of Design

Britt Reynolds is a seasoned multidisciplinary designer with over a decade of expertise encompassing graphic design, web design, and creative direction. She is passionate about resolving usability challenges through a human-centered research and design process to elevate the user interface, user experience, and customer experience of digital products and services.

Britt serves as the Director of Design at Enhanced Voting where she focuses on refining the design of the user interface and experience of the entire product suite as well as managing product strategy and improvement. Additionally, she oversees the product development lifecycle while contributing to marketing initiatives.

Britt previously served as the UI/UX Designer at Runbeck Election Services, Inc., a prominent large-scale election vendor. She focused on improving the usability and accessibility of hardware and SaaS products in election mail sorting and processing, signature verification, ballot-on-demand printing, and petition management.

Britt holds certificates in UI/UX Design, UX Management, and Customer Experience, and is a Certified Scrum Product Owner. She is also currently pursuing a certificate in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology.