Vote-by-Mail Tracking Transparency for Officials

Ballot Scout delivers a cost-effective and flexible system that effortlessly complements any established workflow. It features an intuitive administrative dashboard tailored for election officials, along with a sophisticated tracking service complete with notifications for voters. Our online platform harnesses the power of USPS Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) scans and integrates them with data from election offices.

Ballot Scout on desktop monitor

Flexible Notifications for Voters

Voters can easily opt-in for email or SMS text messages that update them with status alerts throughout the journey of their ballot from the post office to their local election office. Voters stay connected and informed, while the incoming call volume to election offices is reduced, granting more administrative freedom.

Ballot Scout on a smart phone screen

Intuitive Dashboard for Easy Tracking

User-friendly interface for seeing the status overview of all tracked ballots, making it easy to quickly identify any delivery issues.

Interactive Map Display

View the current location of any ballot through an interactive map and observe the journey of all ballots in real-time.