At Enhanced Voting, we go beyond just providing technology; we're creating a new standard for democratic engagement. Our solutions streamline the election process, making it more transparent and accessible for everyone. We believe that by empowering election officials with superior tools and providing voters with a seamless experience, we can foster greater participation and trust in the electoral system.


To design and develop secure, efficient, and accessible election technology solutions for election officials and voters.


To establish Enhanced Voting as a leader in election technology by developing and maintaining a new generation of practical, efficient and inclusive solutions for election officials and voters.


Our technology solutions are developed, maintained, and audited by election security experts, providing peace of mind to election administrators and voters.


We maintain products that are inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly for the diverse community of election officials and voters.


We design and build solutions that are reliable, effective and efficient using our election administration experience.

Customer Experience

We build exceptional relationships with our election administrators and their teams to ensure their needs and requirements are fully met.


We overcome traditional constraints by developing advanced solutions through iterative practices and dedication to solving problems.