Quick & Secure Military Ballot Delivery

Our tailored electronic ballot delivery system revolutionizes the voting process for UOCAVA voters. With just one secure link through our Enhanced Ballot Online portal, voters from the military and overseas communities can quickly and securely download their specific ballots. This intuitive approach removes complexity, offering a smooth, straightforward voting process that ensures every service member and overseas citizen can confidently and easily cast their vote.

Enhanced Ballot on desktop screen

Accessible Vote-by-Mail Balloting

Enhanced Voting redefines accessible voting with Enhanced Ballot, our comprehensive absentee and vote-by-mail solution. We prioritize security to ensure each voter receives their exact ballot and materials. Conforming to federal ADA standards, our platform offers an intuitive ballot marking system, granting voters with disabilities the ability to cast their absentee ballots independently and privately. Enhanced Ballot allows voters to experience the liberty of voting confidently and independently in an electoral process that champions inclusivity and security at its core.

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Electronic Return with End-to-End Verifiability

End-to-End Verifiability (E2EV), is a paradigm shift in how systems can safeguard user interactions. It’s a cryptographic commitment that enables all parties involved in a digital transaction to verify its correctness. E2EV ensures that activities conducted within a system, from the initiation of a transaction to its conclusion, are consistently accurate, confidential, and tamper-proof. It's the security blanket that covers your every digital footprint.

Empowering Every Voter with Accessible Sample Ballots

Designed for inclusivity, our sample ballots are a user-friendly, web-based tool that prepares all voters, including those with disabilities, for election day. Compliance is vital, and our ballots meet all federal accessibility requirements, ensuring that every voter can review their choices with confidence and privacy. Hosted on a secure cloud platform, Accessible Sample Ballots are conveniently available from any device, whether at home or on the go, from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Access-For-All Ballot Delivery

The Access-for-All Program, starting at $2,499, is a key feature of our Enhanced Ballot platform. This initiative is crafted precisely for local jurisdictions that currently lack accessible absentee voting options. Our commitment is to empower voters with disabilities by providing a seamless, user-friendly absentee ballot experience.