About Enhanced Voting

Enhanced Voting is an Election Technology Research and Development (R&D) company. Our goal is to improve all election technology used in election administration.

R&D Approach

Enhanced Voting was founded in 2013 by Aaron Wilson. Aaron has spent his career focused on improving election technology. His goal is to bring election technology to the same level or better than the modern technology we use for other aspects of life. We believe technology should be easy-to-use, accessible to all, and secure.

We are a research and development company first. We focus on solving problems other solutions are failing to fully solve and doing so in a way that uses the latest technology and best practices. If we are successful in our efforts, our research projects become our products and help fund additional research projects. Not all of our research projects will succeed, and that is ok. But the ones that do will produce products based on a strong foundation of research, testing, and transparency.


VVSG 2.0 Review

The Election Assistance Commission, with the help of NIST, is developing a brand new set of voting system requirements. We stood up a website to provide access to the proposed requirements in a database. You can search and filter the requirements. You can also make and save comments about each requirement.

Open Voting-Client Architecture

Open voting-client architecture is a unique approach to voting system construction that allows voters to choose a voting client that suites their preference and needs, not a one-size-fits-all option developed by the voting system manufacturer. Research into the security and usability of this new approach is being done by Enhanced Voting’s founder and CEO as a part of his post-graduate work at the University of North Florida.

End-to-end Verifiability with Fully Homomorphic Cryptography

We are exploring the feasibility of using fully homomorphic cryptographic algorithms to provide end-to-end verifiability in voting systems. Partially homomorphic algorithms have provided verifiability but come with performance and other limitations. Fully homomorphic variants may offer more flexibility.



MyBallot is a state-of-the-art electronic ballot delivery solution for overseas military and civilians looking to obtain and mark their ballots electronically. MyBallot is used statewide in Oklahoma and Virginia.


Built on MyBallot, Enhanced Ballot is a fully accessible vote-by-mail solution for voters with disabilities. Enhanced Ballot is certified in Ohio and used by eighteen counties. It has also been used statewide in New Jersey.